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Company History

With a population exceeding 255 million, Indonesia is the 4th most populated nation in the world. The large population gives the wheat flour market in Indonesia lots of potential.

The opportunity is widely open because of the rapid growth of wheat flour mills from only five mills in 1970 to more than 20 mills in 2014. Moreover, 53% of the population lives in the city with a 2.69% rate of urbanization. This population growth has greater purchasing power and better health awareness. They are slowly changing their diet from rice to wheat flour-based products.

This means there is a significant corelation between the producer growth and the ever-rising demands for wheat flour. This opportunity underlies the decision of three companies to establish PT Bungasari Flour Mills in February 2012 as a joint venture.

Those three companies are FKS Group, Malayan Flour Mills and Toyota Tsusho. FKS Group is known as an importer, processor and distributor of food products with a strong reputation in agricultural business both domestically and internationally. Malayan Flour Mills Berhad (MFM) is the first wheat flour mill to operate in Malaysia, opening its first mills in 1966. Toyota Tsusho Corporation is a Japan- based Toyota group subsidiary company whose main activity is in trading natural resources. Experience, ability and expertise from these three companies becomes the main asset in developing services and products that Bungasari offers.