Bungasari used a wide variety of high quality Wheat : from soft wheat to hard wheat which is imported from the best wheat producing countries such as United States, Canada and Australia. From the selection process, milling to producing, Bungasari used the most advance technologies and experienced experts to process the finest wheat into high quality wheat flour.

This creation process is supported with comprehensive research and development, world class research facilities and newest most advance technic and equipment which enable Bungasari to continue to innovate and create high quality wheat flour while contributing to help create a better and healthier life for the community. All these high quality resources made Bungasari a premium wheat flour producer that is capable to understand and fulfill all of its customer's needs.


We choose location for various Bungasari facilities very carefully based on the proximity to the customers to ensure the most efficient distribution prosess from the factory to customers and to support the further development of our business.

Bungasari main office is located in Jakarta, while the mills are located in industrial city Cilegon. Other than these two locations, Bungasari also have a branch office, warehouse and distribution facility in Medan and Banjarmasin

Bungasari mills were built in Cilegon's seabord which is located in the west coast of Java Island. These mills strated producing in August 2014. Built on an area of 10 hectares, these mills have the capacity to produce 1,500 tons per day and 500,000 tons per year. It also have the capacity to store 80.000 tons of wheat and a warehouse with capacity to store 15,000 tons of finished products.

One of the advantage that Bungasari mills facility have is its strategic location besides Cigading harbor, which allows Bungasari to receive a cargo from a panamax size ship with a capacity over 50.000 tons. This advantage gives flexibilities and efficiency in the supply chain and easier access from the factory to the customers. This location is also a main goods' traffic from the island of Java to Sumatra, and vice versa.


Since operating in 2012 up until now, Bungasari have produced 40 varieties of wheat flour products and is now in process of launching these products to retailer and modern market to enable wide communities to get access to Bungasari various wheat flour products. Bungasari's products are sold in numbers of various packaging size from 1 kg, 25kg, 50 kg and in bulk in order to fulfill the customer's specific needs.

We believe our products quality and services will enable Bungasari to compete in the wheat flour market. The commitment to give the best, followed by the will to keep on improving are our main principle to gain customer's trust.

Hence, communication is very important. In Bungasari, we do not only stated that our products are the best. We always try to invite our customers to try and feel the experience of using Bungasari wheat flour. This experience will then form the trust and create customers positive perception of the products and Bungasari brand.

Furthermore, Bungasari continues to maintain and develop the quality of the production capacity in order to expand the market share in order to become a leading manufacturer of wheat flour in Indonesia.