Technology to Innovate

Support from current technology enables Bungasari to present a high-quality wheat flour. This optimum technology allows the production process to be more effective and efficient in fulfilling the production target and serve the market demand for hygenic, affordable and high-quality wheat flour.

Flour Mill Blend & Robotic Arm

Our automated system  consists of 800-php wheat unloading system, three 500-tpd milling lines, three 400-tpd flour-blending facilities and 100-tpd premix plant. The final products are packaged using high-speed carousel packers and arranged with four units of robots.

Cilegon Flour Mills Facilities Technologies Preview:

  • Advanced Wheat unloading system
  • Wheat storage (steel silo) 80.000MT
  • Milling Lines of total 1500T/day
  • Mixing plant
  • Premix plant
  • Robotic stacker
  • Bulk loading system
  • Warehouse which holds up to 15.000MT of finished products

Recognition and Certification

  • World class milling facilities
  • Hygienic and FSSC standard (Food Safety Management System Certification)
  • SNI Certification
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • ISO 22000 Certification
  • HALAL Certification

Application of the latest flour milling facility, and a qualified management system becomes the foundation for our long journey to realize the company’s vision to become the leading wheat producer in Indonesia.