Profile of Shareholders

The three giant companies build Bungasari with the objective to create innovative product by applying advanced technology operated by world-class experts.


FKS Group is a well known seeds importer, processor and distributor in Indonesia. Their expertise has expanded to supply, logistics, shipping, finance and risk management. Besides having an impressive agricultural trade, FKS also have a huge interest in property development and non-agricultural business operations.


Malayan Flour Mills Berhard (MFM) is a Malaysian wheat flour industry pioneer. Established in 1960, they continue to produce high-quality wheat flour marketed locally and internationally. MFM’s productivity made Malaysia a wheat flour self-suporting country and earned the "National Pride" predicate from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. This predicate confirmed MFM’s 45 years of expertise, experience and dedication from designing the mills, wheat purchasing, to high-quality wheat flour production.


As a corporation that supports the main business of Toyota Motor Automobile and Toyota Group Companies, Toyota Tsusho is one of the most solid companies in Japan. Having a wide range of business diversification, Toyota Tsusho global network is also experienced in the field of seeds and food trading. Their experience and technological support becomes a valuable asset to maintain the consistency and quality of Bungasari’s material supply.