The quality of raw materials determines flour's grade and flavour. Therefore, I never want to compromise in choosing raw materials. It must be trustworthy, availability of product variations, and easy to use. It can only be found in Bungasari.

Chintya - Boutique Bakery Owner

There is a lot of flour that can make martabak rise perfectly, yet Bungasari Flour can make it to be more fluffy and chewy. The price is affordable, lots of product variations. and easy to find.

Sakyo - Martabak Business Owner

For me, Bungasari is really fun to make new food and menu. Complete variants, premium quality. Any dishes idea is possible by using Bungasari Flour.

Ucu Sawitri - Chef

Consumer tastes is never lie. Since i used Bungasari Flour, my bread can swell perfectly, softer, and rich of flavour. At first, there's only a few customer buys my bread, but now its sold out everyday.

Joane - Bakery Corner

It's easy to sell Bungasari Product. Good product, good quality, good price, good profit. What else do you expect? Consumer will always come by themself if the product fulfill those reasons.

Willy Tanusubraja - Grocery Store Owner

In the middle my busy day, I always love to make snacks and breakfast for my family. The easiest and fun ways is to make a lot of dishes based on flour, such as: pancake, bread, sponge cake and also cookies. When we talked about wheat flour, i've made my choice, it's Bungasari.

Bayu Oktara - Celebrity