Success of a product in the market not only determined by the quality and the prices. It's more than that, the factory capacity, sustainable research and development until the distribution channel also affect the product success. Bungasari can answer all of that. Bungasari have a bigger factory capacity, sustainable reseach and development as well as distribution channel throughout Indonesia even overseas. I believe, Bungasari will become the main Flour Mills Company.

Setiawan Dwi Dharma - Authorized Distributor of PT Bungasari Flour Mills Indonesia

The consumption of Wheat Flour in Indonesia has reach 25kg per annum approximately. This amount will always increase due to the trend of switching rice to flour based food. This can be a good opportunities as well as challenges for Flour Mills Company. Bungasari have this opportunity because of their variety products, guaranteed product's quality, competitive prices and they also provides a good service for their distributors and resellers. If Bungasari can maintain all of this, I can assure that Bungasari will be the number one choice of Wheat Flour in Indonesia.

Yoga Adi Pratama - Authorized Distributor of PT Bungasari Flour Mills Indonesia

For me, there is no other happiness for the grocery business except to have a good quality product as Bungasari. The quality and the price were propotional, lots of variant, and the most important is the humble and responsive customer service. I'm not surprised, if Bungasari become the new most favourable flour in the market.

Sutanto Widjaja - Grocery Store Owner

A lot of people said that my noodle is special because of the soft and springy texture. Whereas, the process of making is just like the others. The only difference is the raw materials. I used Bungasari Flour. The Flour has a premium quality with an affordable price.


Fredy - 'Mie Ayam Bangka' Owner

People said if you don't know them, you won't love them. At first, i doubt Bungasari product while someone recommend it to me. It's been years i've used other brands. But when i try this product, it proved that the quality is better, the dough rised perfectly and suitable for any kind of dishes. Doubtless, the price is affordable...the main thing is, I love Bungasari...!

Henty Lukman - Business Women & Culinary Lover