Best Ingredients & Technologies

Best Ingredients And Technologies

Bungasari uses a wide variety of high quality wheat: from soft wheat to hard wheat which is imported from the best wheat-producing countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia. From the selection process, milling to producing, Bungasari uses the most advanced technologies and skilled experts to process the finest wheat into high-quality wheat flour.

This creation process is supported with comprehensive research and development, world class research facilities and the newest most advanced technology and equipment which enable Bungasari to continue to innovate and create high-quality wheat flour while contributing to help create a better and healthier life for the community. All these supreme quality resources made Bungasari a premium wheat flour producer that is capable of understanding and fulfilling all of its customers’ needs.

Strategic Locations

Indonesia is an archipelago of thousands of islands. Here, more than perhaps anywhere else in the world, strategic location is one of the essential factors to ensure reliability, sustainability and consistency in production and distribution.

PT Bungasari Flour Mills divides activity between several strategic locations. Company Headquarters are logically sited in the heart of the country’s commercial capital, Jakarta. Production is sited in the port area of Cilegon, Medan Industrial Area, Makassar with operational access to facilities for the importing of raw materials and shipping of finished products.

To educate and engage with our customers, Bungasari offers cookery classes at the popular Bungasari Innovation Center, conveniently located near the company headquarter in Jakarta.

Bungasari has modern depot facilities in Jakarta, Pontianak dan Surabaya. These key locations ensure efficient distribution to customers nationwide.

Positioned here in the geographic and commercial, we ensure that our distributors and trading partners nationwide are readily accessible. Distribution has been expanded to cover more than 88 cities in Indonesia and has been exported to more than 20 cities in the world, which establishes Bungasari as a leading manufacturer in a growth industry.

Focus On Quality

Since our instigation in 2012 up until now, Bungasari has produced Since our instigation in 2012 up until now, Bungasari has produced 221 varieties of wheat flour products, Premix, Speciality Baking Flour and a mixture of raw materials for animal feed which are currently available at retailers and modern markets as well as marketing to the industry. This will enable wide communities to access Bungasari’s various wheat flour products. Bungasari’s products are sold in a variety of packaging sizes from 1 kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50 kg and in bulk in order to fulfill the customers’ specific needs.

We believe our product’s quality and services will enable Bungasari to compete in the wheat flour market. Our commitments to give the best, followed by the will to keep on improving, are our main principles to gain customer’s trust.

Hence, communication is very important. At Bungasari, we do not only state that our products are the best but always try to invite our customers to try and feel the experience of using Bungasari wheat flour. This experience will then form trust and create a positive perception of the products and Bungasari brand for customers.

Furthermore, Bungasari continues to maintain and develop the quality of it’s production capacity in order to expand the market share and become a leading manufacturer of wheat flour in Indonesia.