Technology to Innovate

Our Cutting edge technology enables Bungasari to yield a high-quality wheat flour. The exceptional technology allows the production process to be more effective, efficient & flexible in fulfilling the production target and serve the market demand for hygienic, affordable, reliable and high-quality wheat flour.

Flour Mill Blending, Robotic Arm ,Cogen System & Solar Panel Power Plant

At the Bungasari Cilegon factory, our automated system consists of 800 MT/h wheat unloading system, three (500 MT/day) milling lines, three (500 MT/day) flour-blending facilities and 100 MT/day premix plant complete with hot sealing system. The final products are packaged using high speed carousel packers and palletized with 6 robotic units & two (60 pack/minutes) lines retail product completed with robotic case packer system. We also utilize exhaust gas waste to reduce electricity consumption by using a Multi Energy Chiller (Cogen System) at the Bungasari Cilegon factory. As well as implementing a 2.4 MWp rooftop PLTS at the Medan factory to produce clean electrical energy for the factory's needs.

Cilegon Flour Mills Facilities Technologies Preview:

  • Advanced Wheat unloading system
  • Wheat storage (steel silo) 74.000 MT (Phase 1) & 66.000 MT (Phase 2) bringing the total capacity to 140,000 MT
  • Milling Lines of total 1.500 MT/day (Phase 1) & 1.500 MT/day (Phase 2)
  • Mixing plant
  • Premix plant
  • Robotic stacker
  • Automated Retail packer
  • Jumbo bag system, direct loading system
  • Bulk loading system
  • The storage capacity for finished products is 10,000 MT and the racks for 1 kg consumer packaging are 500 MT, bringing the total capacity to 10,500 MT.

Medan Flour Mills Facilities Technologies Preview:

  • Drive through wheat unloading system
  • High capacity for wheat silo storage 104.500 MT
  • Milling lines 500 MT/day & 300 MT/day. In mid 2023 will be 1000 MT/day & 300 MT/day
  • Mixing Plant 2 lines. In mid 2023 will be 3 lines
  • Semi automatic sewing system
  • Automatic robot palletizers
  • Vertical bagger for retail product
  • Direct loading system
  • Jumbo bags filling station
  • Flour storage existing 5,786 MT & By product storage 2,268 MT
  • Solar Panel electric power source 2.4 Megawatt – peak

Makassar Flour Mills Facilities Technologies Preview:

  • Drive through wheat unloading system
  • Wheat silo storage 27.500 MT (steel silo)
  • Milling lines 2 x 300 MT/day
  • Automatic Retail packer
  • Flour storage existing 4.470 MT & By product 1.134 MT

Recognition and Certification

  • World Class Milling Facilities
  • SNI 3751 : 2018 Certification
  • FSSC 22000 ver. 5.1 Certification
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification
  • ISO 14001 : 2015 Certification
  • ISO 17025 : 2017 Certification
  • Halal Assurance System (HAS) 23000 Certification
  • Halal Certification

Application of the latest flour milling & flour blending facility, and a qualified management system becomes the foundation for our journey to realize the company’s vision to become the leading wheat flour producer in Indonesia.