Our Vision, Mission & Values

Hard work and quality will never be directly proportional and achieve the maximum result without the right vision and mission. Bungasari believes the company vision and mission will be a reference and guide to all the company’s components in order to achieve efficient work and maximum results.

Our Vision

To be Indonesia’s most prominent flour milling business.

Our Mission

Bringing a better life to all by creating value for our customers.

Our Value

The company’s growth depends on the optimum human resources. It is attainable if every employee holds onto the company’s culture and values. These values are expected to be a collective awareness which trigger employees to give the very best in contributing to the company’s prospective growth.

At Bungasari, values are implemented in five attitudes and behaviours which have become the company’s business foundation.

  • Passion

    Pulling our hearts and minds into our work in culture of teamwork, common focus and drive to be the best.

  • Integrity

    Acting honestly without compromising the truth

  • Commitment

    Delivering on our promise to implement initiatives which will benefit our customers, the community, employees and shareholders.

  • Quality

    Going beyond customer’s expectations with regard to quality and Food safety in our product and services.

  • Innovation

    Using creative ideas to inspire the way we do business and add value for our customers.