• Fredy-Owner Mie ayam Bangka A lot of people said that my noodle is special because of its soft texture, spongy and not flaky. They never realize that the making process is the same one thing difference is the raw material. I use Bungasari Wheat flour. Its wheat flour quality is number one with very affordable price
  • Sakyo - Martabak Business Owner There is a lot of flour that can make martabak rise perfectly, yet Bungasari Flour can make it to be more flufy and chewy. The price is aordable, lots of product variations. and easy to find.
  • Bayu Oktara-Celebrity Between my busy day, I always love to make snacks and breakfast for my family. The most easy and fun is creating a lot of dishes from wheat flour such as: pancake, bread, sponge cake until cookies. When we talked about wheat flour, the choice is obviously Bungasari. Complete varian, you can make everything. Good price, with the best quality.
  • Chef Ucu Sawitri For me, Bungasari is a fun friend to create new food and menu. Complete variant, premium quality. Any dishes idea is possible using Bungasari.